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Today is March 27, 2015
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What Our Members Are Saying

Tony Curtis

The Rehman Group
Through the educational offerings at MSA conferences and by networking with and learning from other professionals from around the country who serve manufacturers our firm capabilities have been enhanced and we have become more valuable to our clients - something that translates directly into the ability to earn more fees.

Norm Roller

Suby Von Haden
MSA provides an educational forum to discuss financial and operational issues directly related to the Mfg industry. It allows members to expand their knowledge base and leverage off each other.

Wayne Sanders

Proctor Crook & Crowder
The best thing I receive from being a member of MSA is a knowledge base that extends far beyond my local borders. There are people and firms in MSA that have created processes, performed projects and addressed issues in the manufacturing arena that I can ask questions of and learn from their experiences. All of the members have been kind, curtious and helpful with sharing their knowledge and their time.

Richard Huckaby

Pender Newkirk
Learning the different services that other firms are either directly providing or are providing through others has been very helpful to us in our desire to make manufacturing an industry focus in our firm.

Kelly Salwei

Olsen Thielen
We joined MSA in December (2004) and have already benefited through participation in the 2005 Winter Conference. We met a lot of great people and learned what other member firms are doing with their manufacturing clients. We look forward to using what we learn to help our clients prosper and to help us attract new manufacturing clients.

John Heck

Kreisher Miller & Co
MSA has been a great forum to share experiences relating to manufacturing clients and to learn from others activly serving the industry. Membership has also increased our credibility in the marketplace when discussing our expertise with manufacturing prospects.