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Today is March 29, 2015
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Tools and Publications

MSA members have access to tools and publications such as:

  • Its most valuable resource … MSAnet: An email network (ListServ/Electronic Bulletin Board) for MSA members to pose questions and share information about serving manufacturers. Messages are archived and accessible via's Members-Only ResourceBank for easy reference.
  • The MSA ResourceBank: This password-protected area hosts marketing ideas, engagement materials, articles and other useful manufacturing industry information. MSA members willingly share resources due to the competitive-free environment.
  • Marketing materials: industry brochures available at cost to market you manufacturing niche and promote your affiliation and industry power of MSA.
  • Discounts: Available through MSA membership with BizActions. Contact MSA headquarters for details.
  • Industry Links: an up to date listing of important sites MSA members may need to reference.

All this and more will be at your disposal as a MSA member!


Members In The News
A section of MSA's site dedicated to showcasing our members' press releases and published articles.

MSA Press Releases
MSA posts press releases about elections, conferences and more!

Speaker's Bureau
The speaker's bureau is designed to assist organizations and reporters in locating speakers or interview subjects that are experts in the manufacturing industry.