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Today is March 5, 2015
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Why Choose a MSA Member Firm?

Closely held, middle-market manufactures and distributors, whether family- or investor-owned, have unique needs. It's the nature of the business. To build on your growth and accomplishments, you need partners that know your business. MSA member know your business.

When you choose to work with a MSA member firm, you'll work with top-tier professionals who will help you access a powerful range of capabilities like business process improvement; profit enhancement; and industry-specific, proactive accounting and tax services.

MSA members firms have the knowledge and expertise to help you tighten operations, collaborate more efficiently, meet competitive market conditions, and grow your business. More so than traditional CPA or management consultants, MSA member's spectrum of service will make an impact on your business.

Members understand the economics, operations, and trends in the industry. Members attend continuing education events, workshops and seminars to stay on top of the latest regulations and issues facing manufacturers today. MSA members serve over 1,500 manufacturing entities across the country, including manufacturers of fabricated metal parts, wire, plastic, rubber and paper products, industrial machinery, furniture and food products and many more.

If you are finding it's becoming more difficult to stay abreast of the ever changing rules and regulations within the industry, contact MSA to find a firm and a trusted advisor near you. Let us assist you by finding an experienced and knowledgeable accounting firm to work for you so you can concentrate on running your business more profitably.

You need a CPA firm that belongs to MSA

MSA members are focused on addressing the production, operations and regulatory demands of manufacturing companies nationwide. Their devotion to the manufacturing industry is apparent by their membership in MSA. Members understand the challenges you face, anticipate your needs, and provide innovative services and solutions you need to improve the performance of your company.

MSA member firms demonstrate their commitment to manufacturing accounting practices through community service and involvement with manufacturing and civic organization in their communities. Many firms have partners and team members participate on boards and executive committees of charitable organizations and foundations.

There is a synergy among the member of the Manufacturing Services Association, members share industry expertise and work together to solve their clients' changing needs. The loyalty and longevity of the membership is showcased by the fact more than 50% of MSA firms have been members for over 10 years, and several others for more than five years.

Excellence in Service

MSA members are ready to work with you to help you stay abreast of business trends tha can improve your bottom line. Each member firm is able to provide a range of services beyond the standard level of service. Whether you need a benchmarking and industry analysis, product pricing and cost analysis, inventory management and controls or cycle time reduction, MSA has a firm qualified to serve your industry needs.

In addition to traditional auditing and tax assistance to manufacturing companies, MSA members can help you improve performance and achieve your business goals. MSA members can help you remain complaint with new rules and regulations, identify business risks, offer advice for improving controls evaluating accounting issues, and assessing the quality of the information stakeholders use to make decisions.

Manufacturing Specialization

A recent survey noted the Manufacturing Service Association members specialize in more than 50 specific government and manufacturing accounting and consulting services. More than 65% of our members specialized in the following:

  • Cost Segregation
  • E-Business Strategy
  • Tax Incentives for Companies with Foreign Sales
  • Process Improvement & Redesign
  • Cash Flow Forecast & Projections
  • Strategic Planning
  • Consulting
  • Business Coaching
  • Product cost Analysis to Maximize Proficiency
  • Identification of Sate & Local Incentive Programs - Free Money
  • Optimizing State & Local Taxation
  • Real Estate Component Depreciation
  • Mergers & Acquisitions for Targeted and Acquired Companies
  • Cycle Time Reductions
  • Cycle Counting
  • Inventory Management & Controls
  • Operations Review & Assessment
  • Budgetary Control & Balance Score Controls
  • Advise on International Transactions and Tax Consequences

More Services

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