Venturing to the Cloud: Taking Advantage - Walter Merkas, WithumSmith+Brown, PC
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The demand for cloud computing is increasing in manufacturing based on its ability to improve speed, accuracy, and efficiency over a wide range of operations. In manufacturing, cloud computing is trending to be the next major growth driver for an industry that has experienced many shifts over time to drastically improve production. How can we help our clients take advantage of these trends?

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Aprio’s Analytics Operational Transformation - Lior Baron, Aprio, LLP
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In this session we will review how improved analytics caused Aprio’s leadership to modify it’s operating model, identify and address challenges with information systems and shift focus from purely hours and billing statistics into strategic KPIs, value based utilization and work planning. The transformation was enabled via three pillars – Technology enablement, process automation and data visualization. Aprio was able to increase both back office utilization and quality of information using modern technology with minimal impact to IT infrastructure by leveraging a dedicated team who is both internally and client facing. The success of the transformation allows Aprio to bring their clients along the analytics transformation journey by providing client services focused on improving finance and back office operation effectiveness, along with enhancing management’s insight into organizational information.

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Creating a Positive Customer Experience that Leads to Long-Term Loyalty
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The concept of customer experience has been around since the first time someone sold something to someone else. But the idea of being incredibly intentional about it is relatively new to the accounting profession. Going far beyond an annual client satisfaction survey, true disciples of creating a unique and lasting customer experience know it takes a good deal of planning, regular input from your clients and the buy-in of your entire organization. In this session, we will hear from panelists in different industries about their view of customer experience, how they created and implemented it, and the results of their efforts. The session also discusses what it takes to implement this at your own firm, pitfalls to avoid, and what you can realistically expect in terms of loyalty and growth.

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What is the Manufacturing CPAs Community?

Learn more about this community platform for industry focused professionals who are serious about client growth and service.

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Tips on How to Take Your Website to the Next Level

5 Steps to Powerful Industry Websites.

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Change Guru Shows Manufacturers How to Embraced Process Improvements

Embracing change is important to grow and increase profitability.

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Key Contacts to Help With Your Membership
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We want you to get the fullest out of your Manufacturing CPAs membership. Learn who your key contacts are to assist you with all of your needs.

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Manufacturing CPAs New Member Welcome Documents
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National Speaking and Publishing Opportunities

How to Grow Your Personal Brand in the Industry

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Member Tool: Listserv
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Get the most out of your membership by using the tools that are provided with your Real Estate & Construction CPAs membership.

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